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What Is PTSD?


In response to this letter 25,000 PTSD programs were sent to Iraq. Please help us to help our warriors.


I am First Sergeant in charge of a company of 231 soldiers in the United States Army serving in Iraq. I have served 22 years in the Army, 3 of have been in Iraq. I invested in some of your CDs that I found on the Internet and have used them for symptoms related to PTSD.


Because they have helped me so much after just 3 days of listening I would like to issue some them to my soldiers who could benefit greatly, especially in the areas of relaxation, motivation and areas related to easing some of the stresses they are experiencing.


My funds are very limited but I would appreciate if I could receive a special quantity purchase buy. I would not take the time to write this letter aside from the fact that I care deeply for my soldiers and with the losses we have already experienced here, I am looking for a way to relieve some of their stresses outside of the traditional Army methods. Thank you for your consideration.


Sincerely Serving,

First Sergeant Michael Young

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I personally understand the challenges and obstacles that our soldiers are facing when returning from the battlefield. I really believe that the situations that our soldiers are exposed to in today's war are going to have long standing consequences well into the future.


The system is very overburdened and what ends up happening in my experience is soldiers are being given medications to numb and deaden their emotions. I personally do not feel that this is the answer for our soldiers.


I absolutely will give you permission to use my letter to bring about an awareness for the need for treatments that may be considered by some to be non traditional.


I totally believe through my own experiences that using hypnosis has been one of the best tools for finding a total relaxation.


I have written my company commander and explained that you have generously offered to send the relaxation CD's to our soldiers and he is more than willing to ensure they are distributed among our command.


In closing I would like to thank you whole heartily for your desire to help with the challenges that many of our soldiers are going to have to overcome to become productive upon return from this war.


I personally have decided upon my retirement from the military to go into my next career in a capacity that will keep me tied to the soldiers of this country and to help them to overcome the issues that our Vietnam brothers have faced for so many decades. I further would like to say that I am at your disposal, and that I would be happy to assist you any way that I may. Thank You once again for all that you are willing to do. Feel free to call me and hopefully we can finally talk.



Michael Young

1SG U.S.A.