The Jantzen Beach Carousel Must Find a New Home in 2023

With preservation planning nearly complete, we are reactivating our search for a visionary to assume ownership of the iconic Jantzen Beach Carousel!

Through Hard Work, Dedication, and Craftsmanship, The Jantzen Beach Carousel is Positioned Future Success

When Restore Oregon accepted the donation of the carousel back in 2017, we did so with the intention of serving as temporary stewards, knowing that not taking action could result in the carousel being broken apart and sold off in pieces.

What Began as a Historic Undertaking is Now a Turn-Key Preservation Project!

Fast forward through five years – and one worldwide pandemic – and the Jantzen Beach Carousel is now primed for future success, and a new owner.

The Jantzen Beach Carousel Ready for Next Phase

The carousel is ready for its next big step: securing a permanent home, so full restoration can begin.

Using our technical expertise in preservation, we have created an in-depth Preservation Roadmap to guide future carousel restoration from repairs through topcoat. But Restore Oregon cannot move this project along to the next phase alone. So, with our six-year anniversary as temporary stewards fast approaching, we must guide the carousel along to its permanent home by September 15, 2023.

If no such entity steps forward by the September deadline, the carousel may be forced to leave Oregon.

Watch Our Preservation Work in Action & Meet the Artists

Over the past two years, Restore Oregon has been testing and finalizing a Preservation Roadmap that can guide future restoration of the carousel. During this process documentary-filmmaker Cory Kaufman interviewed our team of carousel artisans to provide insight into their work.

Now We Need Help Identifying a New Owner for the Carousel

In 2017, Restore Oregon stepped up to save the carousel from being sold. Today, we need our community to step up to help the carousel secure its forever home.

With preservation planning winding down, it is time to solve the critical next challenge in this process: identifying a new owner for the carousel who can construct a permanent home for it, and execute full restoration.

Restore Oregon has conducted market research and community education and outreach. We’ve done extensive preservation planning and testing, with beautiful results. Donors and community partners are excited and engaged, and the carousel is perfectly positioned for the next step in its journey: restoration and reassembly.

Need Inspiration?

In 2019, Restore Oregon teamed up with Portland-based architecture firms SERA and PLACE to generate two different design concepts meant to help inspire the creation of an irresistible new attraction for our region. What can you image?

What Can You Imagine?

A New Landmark Destination for Your Community

With deep roots in Oregon stretching back 95 years

The Jantzen Beach Carousel presents an exciting and unusual opportunity to both save a treasured piece of local history and create a new landmark with the potential to become as representative of the Pacific Northwest as food trucks, beer and artisan coffee.

Carousels are proven economic drivers which embody the perfect blend of nostalgia, craftsmanship and fun. 

By providing a home for the Jantzen Beach Carousel, you can boost tourism, economic development and an appreciation for historic preservation in our region by showcasing the beauty, artistry and rich history of this iconic piece of Oregon history, while ensuring its joyful spirit will continue to entertain and uplift riders and admirers for generations to come.



If you are ready to save an Oregon Icon, check out our interactive Jantzen Beach Carousel Opportunity Brochure.