Restore Oregon Modernism Lecture: Sacred Spaces of Pietro Belluschi

Join Restore Oregon at Central Lutheran Church in Irvington for an informative lecture about Pietro Belluschi’s legacy as a designer of sacred spaces and his collaborations with artists such as Frederic Littman and Leroy Setziol. Details coming soon!   Learn more about the lecture here!   DETAILS Architect/Designer: Pietro Belluschi Date: 05/09/24 Time: 6:15 pm […]

Sacred Spaces of Pietro Belluschi Tour

In honor of the 125th anniversary of architect Pietro Belluschi’s birth, Restore Oregon invites you to tour four Portland-area Belluschi-designed churches, plus view metalwork and carvings by artists Frederic Littman and Leroy Setziol. Learn more about the Tour here! DETAILS Architect/Designer: Pietro Belluschi Date: 05/11/24 Time: 11am - 5pm Location: Self-driving in Portland and Beaverton […]

The Menefee House: A Pietro Belluschi-Designed Residence

Join us in Oregon Wine Country for wine-tasting and a rare opportunity to tour one of Pietro Belluschi’s favorite residential projects. Open to tour for the first time, the Menefee House in Yamhill, Oregon was dubbed “the most progressive house in the United States” back in 1948, and maintains many of its original features today. […]

Architect Spotlight Tour: “Oh My Storrs!” A Four Home Tour

Architect Spotlight Tour This year, we are thrilled to announce an exclusive, one-time only opportunity to tour four adjacent Storrs residences, never before open to the public. This exciting four-house jaunt will feature a complimentary glass of wine and hors d'oeuvre, and stunning views of the Southwest Portland hills. All proceeds will fund Restore Oregon’s […]

The Modernist Society’s “First 50” Tropical Cocktail Party – Sold out.

Sip cocktails, hang out with like minded Modernist Society members, get to know Restore Oregon, and learn about architect John C. Gardiner by spending time in one of his beautifully-designed homes. Hosted by Modernist Society member Michael Hofler and wife, Karen. Only available to the First 50 Modernist Society Members to sign up or renew […]

Happy Birthday, Pietro!

Events in celebration of the 125th birthday (August 18) of architect Pietro Belluschi are planned throughout 2024 in partnership with Anthony and Marti Belluschi. More information coming soon…   DETAILS Date: 08/18/24 (Actual birthday is Sunday, August 18!) Time: TBD Location: Portland OR Tickets: Information coming soon!