We’re thrilled to share the news that this year’s DeMuro Awards is getting an exciting new twist! In 2024, Restore Oregon will present the DeMuro Impact Awards. Rather than project-focused awards, this year, the awards will focus on the people and organizations behind Oregon’s preservation movement and allow us to reimagine how we honor preservation in Oregon.

Building on preservation work over the past 10 years, Restore Oregon released a new five-year strategic framework centered on achieving our mission through three issue-based priorities: Sustainability and Climate Change, Social and Cultural Equity, and Housing Generation. Learn more about our strategic approach, impact goals, and our 5-year road map

This shift has given us the opportunity to celebrate this year’s DeMuro Awards a little differently AND refresh the 2025 nomination process in alignment with our new strategic framework.

What does this mean?

For this year only, we will pause our DeMuro Awards nomination for project-based awards. Instead, Restore Oregon will select and honor a select group of Oregon individuals and organizations who, through their work and leadership, are helping to move the preservation movement forward. 

Why make this temporary change?

The 2024 DeMuro Impact Awards will honor and be awarded directly to people/organizations rather than projects. Restore Oregon acknowledges that preservation has a history of exclusion, and we are dedicated to promoting inclusive preservation. This strategy includes highlighting those who’ve been left out of conversations and bringing more people into the preservation discourse. 

What if I wanted to nominate a project this year?

If you have a recently completed project for consideration, please fill out this quick form so we can contact you in early 2025 when the nomination process opens once again.

Standard DeMuro Awards nominations are limited to those projects which have been completed within the last 5 years. We will extend next year’s requirements to 6 years to cover those who may have been interested in submitting a nomination this year.

We are committed to celebrating, advocating for, and evolving the role Oregon’s preservation and reuse holds. We can do so much when working together and we are excited to take a year to celebrate those working behind the scenes to create a better Oregon!

Save the Date:  Restoration Celebration Event Slated for Oct. 4th

Our annual Restoration Celebration fundraising event returns to celebrate Oregon’s historic preservation field and the 2024 DeMuro Impact Award winners on October 4, 2024, at Castaway Portland. We will gather together, enjoy refreshments and hors 'd'oeuvres, celebrate the leadership of the award winners, and revel in a shared mission: to restore Oregon!

Sponsorships available!

Please reach out to Sabrina at events@restoreoregon.org with any questions.