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Restore Oregon is committed to providing access to technical assistance for your preservation and reuse projects.

Preservation Together’s digital resource library will guide you through the most-asked questions, help you plan your project, source funding, find professionals, advocate for and protect the places you care about, and more.
Preservation FAQ
We get a lot of questions about planning for preservation and reuse projects, advocacy concerns, the National Register of Historic Places, tax breaks, hiring professionals, and much more. See our answers here.
Resources for Rural Oregon

This rural resources hub provides quick links to FAQs, guides, suggestions for addressing housing needs, planning for natural disasters, advice for saving heritage barns, and links to access funding and programs that support rural housing, utilities, businesses, and more.

Preservation Toolkit

Before you begin working to save or adaptively reuse a place that matters to you, arm yourself with the information from The Preservation Toolkit. You'll learn how to plan your project, fund it, get public support, and celebrate your work!

Preservation Business Directory

Older homes and revitalization projects require specialized services, materials, and attention by architects, contractors, and craftspeople. The Preservation Business Directory helps connect property owners with the service providers that understand historic buildings.

Conservation Easements

Preserve your property in perpetuity--that means forever! A conservation easement is the only legal way to guarantee a property's protection from demolition or incompatible alteration in Oregon. Learn more about the benefits of this program and how to get started.

Save Oregon's Heritage Barns

With an estimated 11,400 barns built prior to 1960, Oregon needs to identify and protect these rural buildings, structures, and landscapes that define its agricultural heritage. The Restore Oregon board formed the Heritage Barns Taskforce in 2011 to lead its efforts in that field. Find tools and resources to keep Oregon's barns for the next 100 years.

Technical Assistance

Your home or building may be historic, but when it comes to information and resources, you need up-to-date technical advice. Our professionally trained preservationists keep up with the latest developments in restoration and reuse.